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Union Square is a Hammerson-operated shopping centre. As a business, we aim to create retail destinations that deliver net positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally, through leading-edge design, operational efficiency and a culture of respect and responsibility. By 2030 we will aim to be a Net Positive company for carbon, resource use, water and socio-economic impacts.  

Follow the Hammerson journey here, with access to key documents, our latest performance data and updates on our company initiatives.  At Union Square we are working to reduce our environmental impact.  

In 2020 we achieved the below savings in comparison to the previous year: 

Energy consumption 

In 2020, our electricity consumption was 1,580,888 kWh, which is a 19% reduction from 2019. This reduction is equivalent to supplying energy for 124 houses. 

Water usage 

We have saved 26% on our water consumption, which is the equivalent to an Olympic sized swimming pool. 


We recycled 61% of our waste. There was 485 tonnes recycled which is the equivalent weight of 2 blue whales. 


Our Positive Places Plan created each year underpins our community engagement activity. Through engagement with local schools, partners and stakeholders, we build a positive relationship with the local community. 

Our key projects in 2021 include:  

Reducing electricity and gas consumption with improvements to our heating systems and installation of LED lighting.  

Increasing recycling rates and reducing carbon from transport emissions through efficient management of waste collections. 

Continuing to work with local charities and partners to address issues and challenges faced by the local community. 

Increasing biodiversity through various projects around the centre. 

We are also going to continue other sustainability initiatives: 

Waste coat hangers 

Union Square is on a journey to recycle 100% of its waste. One of the challenges on this journey are waste coat hangers that sometimes make their way from our retailers to the bins. These are not recycled by most of the waste companies as they often consist of many different types of low-grade plastics, which makes them valueless on the recyclates market. 

We have installed a coat hanger pick up point in the P1 foyer of the multi-storey car park where we offer free collection of coat hangers to all our visitors. We also continue receiving enquiries from the local charities for donation of coat hangers. In 2020, we managed to divert half a tonne of coat hangers from the waste stream. 

E vehicle charging 

Our modern car charging stands on the P1 of the multi-storey car park continued to be frequently used by our visitors. In 2020, the chargers provided 19,090 kWh of energy to our visitors which means almost 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from transport have been avoided. 

Drinking water fountain 

You can find our drinking water fountain on the lower mall in the corridor between MAC and Hotel Chocolat. Since its installation, the drinking water fountain helped save nearly 18,000 plastic bottles of water. This equals to one and a half tonne of carbon dioxide emissions. The fountain is fitted with a plastic bottle counter, so you can watch the environmental footprint decrease as you fill up your reusable bottle. 

Environmental Policy

The centre is managed by Hammerson, one of Europe’s leading property investment and development companies, whose principal activities include the acquisition, development and management of commercial and retail properties. 

Union Square recognises the importance of taking a proactive, strategic approach to environmental management and, with Hammerson, strives to be at the forefront of this area of management within our sector. 

We comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements to which Shopping Centres subscribe, and strive to exceed legal and other requirements where possible. By conducting periodic internal and independent reviews of our progress, as well as through engagement with stakeholders, we aim to achieve continual improvement. 

Environmental activity has become a keystone of our company and details can be found on our company policy page. 

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