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At Union Square Developments Limited (Union Square, we, our, us), we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and other requirements applicable to Shopping Centres. We aim to achieve continual improvement by setting and reviewing targets and objectives and engaging with stakeholders.


Union Square has several measures in place to help reduce our environmental impact, improve customer experience and engage with the community, including:

  • An electricity contract that sources 100% renewable electricity (applies to the common areas of the shopping centre only).
  • A computerised building management system to control the energy consumption of the shopping centre’s heating and cooling equipment.
  • Energy efficiency LED lighting in the front of house areas, controlled by a Lighting Control System.
  • A proportion of water heated by the sun (‘solar thermal’).
  • Water efficient urinals in our public toilets.
  • Extensive recycling facilities for tenants.
  • A green roof and green wall.
  • Extensive accessibility features and mobility services, including large wheelchair accessible lifts, disabled parking, disabled toilets, family rooms, an Accessibility Guide and a Quiet Hour.
  • Free gaming installations for children.


Union Square is committed to:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve the energy and water efficiency.
  • Engaging with our tenants to help improve the sustainability performance of the units they occupy.
  • Exploring how we can conserve and enhance the natural environment around the centre.
  • Investigating the development of a travel plan to promote and provide safe, healthy and sustainable travel options for people travelling to and from Union Square.
  • The continued funding of customer events at the shopping centre and charitable bursaries Charity partnerships – Union Square ( and opportunities for the donation of space to charities Charity or community space request  – Union Square (
  • In Autumn we will once again deliver the Braveheart Challenge with a local school, aimed at supporting the development of business skills for local school children.


If you would like to contact Union Square about this sustainability and environmental policy, please get in touch via our Contact us page, or by sending an email to

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